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Meet our intern!

William is a student at Eastside Preparatory School in Kirkland, Washington – a short drive from the city of Seattle. He especially enjoys studying subjects related to programming and science. More specifically, he likes to do research related to scientific computation, where he is working on a paper and doing Monte Carlo simulations of Paschen’s Law in IEC fusion devices. In his free time, he enjoys playing violin and hiking in the outdoors.

This summer, he’ll be working on porting SymPy – a widely comprehensive math library in Python – into TypeScript, which is used for the together.math website. This library includes more functionality in its features than the current system, so it will help together.math become a better tool in the long term. In the future, William hopes to study something related to scientific computation in college, and eventually looks to work at a startup researching bio or neuro technology to help study complicated diseases.

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