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An intelligent math editor that lets everyone write math easily, quickly, and beautifully. 

It also checks your work, and allows for both collaboration and presentation.

want to check it out for yourself?

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together.math makes writing, editing, verifying, submitting and presenting math easy and beautiful. together.math works in the browser and on the platform of your choice. 

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easy and beautiful

Why settle for ugly math that takes a lot of time to write? Don't feel like becoming a LaTeX-professional? With together.math, writing math is easy, and the display is always beautiful.


As you write and edit your math, together.math can instantly check your work for correctness. Editing mistakes is easy, freeing you to experiment without the fear of getting a lot wrong.


Informative submissions your teacher can count on.

Just one button will print a submission for you - including a QR code the grader can use to see the original document in our system, and a helpful report of statistics such as work time, collaborators etc.


Making slides takes time. Keeping your audience's attention is tricky. With together.math, simply open your document in presentation mode, and walk through your work line by line without distractions.

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