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Math Bee Gone

Play Math Bee Gone - based on an idea by Klemens Winkler - a fun arithmetic challenge to keep you on your mental toes! Select the operations that will combine the rolled dice to a number you can click, then take that number off the board. Remove as many numbers as you can! Not hard enough? Click the gear button to change settings - choose a larger board, or score yourself, or play against the clock!  Post your score if you are proud of it!

Scroll down for the rules of the game.

Play it on your computer, tablet or phone!

Multi-player version coming soon for registered together.math users!

Rules of the game

"Warmup" mode

  • Just press "start" and go! 

  • Click on the mathematical operations between the dice (initially "+") to select the operation you think will work.

  • Click on the parentheses left or right to group operations the way you want them.

  • Drag and drop the dice into a different order if you want to.

  • When you are done, click the number you think is the result of the operation. It will disappear and the dice are rolled again.

  • Continue until you wipe out the board!

  • But not every dice roll is solvable ... click "roll" when you want different dice.

"Game" mode

  • Now we keep score:

    • 1 point for an even number (>2)

    • 2 points for an odd number

    • 3 points for a prime number

"Speed" mode

  • Now it is a race against the clock:

    • Every dice roll is good for 30 seconds

    • Your score is multiplied by the number of seconds you had left

    • A wrong click will cost you ...

    • Rolling again when there was an achievable solution will also cost you ... and the less time you had left, the more it will cost you

    • Try not to stress out (and if you succeed, let us know how you do that!)

"Settings" mode

  • Press the "gear" button by the dice

  • Click the number of tiles you want to play

  • Click the mode button by the tile numbers to select the mode you want to play

  • Click "play" to exit settings mode

We hope you will enjoy playing Math Bee Gone!

Oh and one more thing ...

"Cheat" mode

  • For the hacker in you:

    • Find the secret key and phrase

    • Unlock "only solvable dice rolls" and "achievable numbers are highlighted"

    • No, we won't tell you how to activate it

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