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Check out these sites to add variety to a math class!

By: Angelika M.

Until about two years ago I was a math teacher. My main courses were Middle School math, Prealgebra, Algebra, and Geometry. Not having been a good math student myself, I was able to relate to students who struggled. And it was interesting for my students to see a math student with mediocre grades being a math teacher many years later!

I was fortunate enough to work with experienced colleagues who knew the secret to success in teaching math was to make it approachable and fun which, of course, meant keeping it interesting by having an arsenal of various activities.

Utilizing “low floor, high ceiling” problems allowed students to choose entry points at different levels. We assigned a project for one major assessment, group or individual depending on the content, and used several websites for class and homework assignments to mix things up.

Here are three of my favorites, all applicable to individual as well as group and class work:

Engaging problem solving activities

Creative, visual exploration activities

Graphing calculator activities

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