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do you want to build a robot?

At, we are passionate about STEM education. We are dedicated to building and bringing tools for STEM learning to students and teachers around the world. That’s why we couldn’t pass up the chance to help sponsor a new team of high school students who were interested in participating in their very first robotics competition.

The Sedona Scorpions currently consists of two juniors from Sedona Red Rock High School. While both were already active in extracurricular activities, within six weeks, these two rockstars were able to raise over $4,000 and invest the time needed to build and program a robot in order to participate in the “FIRST Tech Challenge.”

The Sedona Scorpions debuted as a team at the AZ White Mountain - Show Low Qualifier in November. They played 5 matches, in which they won 3 and lost 2. Out of 14 teams total, they placed 5th overall, and won the Design Award!

We’re so proud of these STEM superstars and wish them all the luck as they compete today at the AZ Valley of the Sun Qualifier!

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