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This past weekend, held its first annual team retreat. We were able to engage in some really meaningful conversations about the future – most importantly, stressing the fact that we want together.math to be available for free to support as many students and teachers as possible. In order to support this ambition, we talked about a few long term financial and staffing models that we will continue to assess and refine. For more short-term work, we updated our SNVC pitch deck and talked through some of the initial findings from our alpha test.

The weekend was not all work, though! We engaged in some team building through exploring each of our backgrounds – which took us all around the US and to Germany, China, and Mexico. We also discovered we had many shared interests, and this food-loving team got to check out some Chicago’s foodie scene. Lil’ Ba-Ba-Reeba, Purple Pig, and Ramen San provided us with flavorful fuel to get through the weekend.

[Pro tip: If you’re ever in Chicago, be sure to try the “Express Lunch” at Ramen San for a tasty and filling meal!]

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