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So what is together.math?

together.math was designed to help students and teachers:

  • It gives students a free, web-based tool to write math easily and beautifully, get instant feedback, and collaborate in real time.

  • Teachers are able to use the free site to create assignments and share them with students, in order to receive neat, easy to read, authenticated and pre-verified submissions.

together.math uses structured "math lines" to help students write math quickly and display the work neatly. "Text lines" can also be inserted to make comments, set up problems, or summarize answers.

If you would like it to, together.math can also check the work, flagging where students may have gone wrong and celebrating when the error has been corrected.

together.math can currently check work from Pre-Algebra and Algebra I material today, and we are expanding it to cover Algebra II, Precalculus and Calculus. You can also use it for the physical sciences - all S.I. (and some common imperial) units are built in!

Documents live online, can be created and edited an individual or in a group, and can be submitted to a teacher or tutor as submission reports online or printed on paper.

Last but not least, together.math also enables students to be playful with their math - directly dragging and dropping terms where they think they need to go to solve the problem. Went down a wrong turn? It's ok to experiment here! Undo and redo make it simple to correct mistakes and take more risks with less work.

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